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  • Monthly modules

    Eye-opening information on healthy child development

  • Concrete strategies and exercises

    Practical ways to apply the information to make a difference in your family's life.

  • Live Q & A sessions

    Ask all the questions that the information - and trying to apply it - brought up for you.

  • Private membership community

    Share your thoughts, experiences or challenges. Get our answers and ideas from other members.

  • Focus on integration

    Support, accountability and guidance to turn knowledge into a practical difference in your life.

Who's behind Transcend™?

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Amy Guttmann, OTR/L

Neurodevelopmental Occupational Therapist

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Evelyn Guttmann, OTR/L

Neurodevelopmental Occupational Therapist

Amy and Evelyn Guttmann are expert clinicians and sought-after speakers. They run Hands on OT Rehab, a private clinic in Brooklyn, NY focused on treating children with anxiety and processing delays, and Hands on Approaches, a continuing education provider for professionals accredited by AOTA, APTA, ASHA and the NYS Board of Education. Amy and Evelyn are the founders of Hands on Parent Empowerment Foundation, a non-profit supporting parents and the community in getting the best help for their children.

Here's what we've been learning about in Transcend™ recently...

  • Emotions are Not Feelings

    Connecting your physiological state and your emotions - and regulating both

  • Noting and Labeling

    Using your power of observation to get to the root causes of behavior, emotion and academic issues

  • Me, You and the World - Understanding through the Proprioceptive Lens

    How the proprioceptive system can and does compensate for other sensory issues

  • Disconnect to Connect

    Co-regulation and how we impact each other’s physical, mental and emotional selves

  • Sights and Sounds: Getting Deeper

    Everything that goes into how we perceive and process language

Nothing beats the private Transcend™ Community discussions!

Our members have gotten help, support and guidance with their children’s:

  • hearing issues
  • difficulty learning to read
  • picky eating
  • challenges in following instructions
  • emotional dysregulation
  • delays learning to crawl
  • ... and more!

Transcend™ could transform your family's life!

Transcend™ members ALSO get:

  • Access to the Hands on Approaches Vault

    Gives you searchable access to all of our past live recordings, Clubhouse talks, etc.

  • 10% off all Hands on Approaches live courses and programs

  • 20% off all Hands on Approaches on-demand courses

  • Community experience member-only events

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