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What you need to know to support your child's healthy development.

A clear, intuitive birds-eye view of how your child should be developing, what can sometimes go wrong, and what you can do about it.


We put together a focused way for you to learn

how different aspects of your physiology (like your sensory systems, or your reflexes)

can be at the root of emotional, academic, and social issues.

Our acclaimed "Get to the Root" Summit packs tons of insight into three hour-long session videos.

Each session video is $20.

But you can get access to ALL 3 videos for just $47!

The "Get to the Root" Summit Package Includes...

Session 1: Sensory Systems and Sensory Integration

Discover the eight sensory systems (yes, eight!)

How your brain-body duo processes experiences

And the far-reaching impact of sensory issues

Session 2: Reflexes and Reflex Integration

Discover how babies' reflexes differ from adults

Why they are critical for healthy development

And what happens when reflexes don't work right

Session 3: Nutrition, Sleep and Behavior

Discover the secret impact of eating and sleeping

On how we act (especially kids!)

And how to address nutrition and sleep issues

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