Bring Hands on Approaches to your school, facility, or community! Our therapists teach basic and advanced workshops on sensory integration, reflex integration, behavioral management, classroom management and parent training. If there is a specific topic that your facility is interested in learning about, please contact us and we will do our best to target the topic of interest that best suits your therapists, parents, teachers, and professionals.

Hands on Approaches offers periodic continuing education courses for professional therapists and educators. Our courses are accredited by the American Occupational Therapy Association, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), and the New York State Education Department’s State Board of Physical Therapy.


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Upcoming Events

Connecting the Dots on Reflex Integration (Part 1) - August 6-7, 2018

You’ve taken courses that teach reflex integration methods. You have a good grasp of at least one or two methods, if not more.

But no one ever taught you how to figure out which method to use for which child with which issues.

In this Reflex Integration course, you’ll come out with a comprehensive overview of six different reflex integration methods - and you’ll know which presenting issues each method is the most relevant to treat. And that's just one of the goals of this course.


Connecting the Dots on Reflex Integration (Part 1) is a course jam-packed with information and practical takeaways. This interactive course gives you a practical real-life toolbox through a hands-on all-day lab, before and after videos demonstrating actual client progress, detailed handouts and more.

Clarity. Understanding. Direct applications.

If you ever felt puzzled about the best way to treat a young client with reflex integration issues, this is the course for you.

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zones of regulation course

The Zones of Regulation curriculum teaches children a conscious awareness of their emotional state at any given moment as well as multiple tools and strategies for self-regulation. They can accept their emotions - and at the same time choose outward behaviors that meet their personal goals or are appropriate in the social context.

This course will be given by Leah Kuypers, MA Ed., OTR/L, the originator of the Zones of Regulation concept.

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Knowledgeable, caring, and professional - these words describe Amy and Evelyn Guttmann to a T. Parents sing their praises, teachers look to them for instructional guidance, and students simply grow and flourish!

Amy and Evelyn are educated in the latest techniques and strategies for helping children with sensory integration, body awareness, and OT challenges. They are successful because they study the whole child and understand what makes each individual child tick.

They are successful because they collaborate with every person who touches the life of the child - parents and teachers alike.

And, they are successful because when they take on a child as a client - the needs of that child become paramount - and that child has the best possible chance to reach their maximum potential.

As the early childhood director of a preschool, I have witnessed first-hand the remarkable and impressive work that Amy and Evelyn do with the children, and in training parents and teachers as well. Wow, what a team!

Goldie Golding
Director of Early Childhood
Yeshivat Shaare Torah

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