Discover Your Child's Sensory Needs

Is your child struggling with certain textures, sounds, or other sensory experiences? As a parent, you may notice signs that your child is overstimulated, distracted, or uncomfortable in different environments. The challenge is figuring out exactly what sensory input they need more or less of.

That's where our Sensory Detective Toolkit comes in. It's designed as an easy, conversational tool to help you identify your child's unique sensory needs. We'll walk you through key textures, sounds, sights, and other sensations so you can pinpoint what areas your child may need more support.

Knowing your child's sensory preferences is the first step. Our checklist makes it simple to evaluate their needs so you can make adjustments to set them up for success!

Plus, we've also included a Find the Right Messenger Guide. This bonus resource provides tips on discovering the correct occupational therapist, speech therapist, or other professional who can help fulfill your child's sensory needs once you've identified them.

We hope this Checklist and Guide provide valuable insight into your child's sensory world and help connect you to the right support systems. Let us know if you need any other resources on your child's sensory journey!

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