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quiet the noise podcast

Quiet the Noise© with the Guttmann Sisters – Podcast

 A podcast about child development, parenting tips, life, business and health. Educational and entertaining, Amy and Evelyn hope to empower, educate and inspire. Therapists are eligible to receive one contact...
quiet the noise podcast

Podcast Episode 18 Recording

Amy and Evelyn discuss the topic of mouthing habits, focusing on pacifiers, pens, and nails. They explain the importance of oral stimulation for a baby's development and the impact of...
quiet the noise podcast

Podcast Episode 17 Recording

The podcast episode discusses the topic of self-regulation and its development throughout different stages of life. Amy and Evelyn explain that babies are not born with the ability to regulate...
quiet the noise podcast

Podcast Episode 16 Recording

Please note:  Sexual trauma content is discussed during this podcast episode.  Please be advised if listening with sound on before children.   Disclaimer:  Evelyn's Question Starts: 42:25 - Ending: 49:51 Rape/Incest...

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