Quiet the Noise© with the Guttmann Sisters – Podcast

quiet the noise podcast

 A podcast about child development, parenting tips, life, business and health. Educational and entertaining, Amy and Evelyn hope to empower, educate and inspire.

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Episode 1

Welcome to "Quiet the Noise©"!  We are thrilled that you have joined our community.  As therapists and educators, we created this podcast in order to provide evidence-based, unbiased information for families, therapists and the community in order to help the children in our lives.  In this episode, we share with you a little information about ourselves, our journey and some advice in navigating the world of finding "help" for the children and families that we live with, treat and engage with every day.


Episode 2 -

Sensory Systems - 8 systems and how they effect us and our children

Understand how the sensory integration systems effect our emotions, behaviors and learning, including the visual, vestibular, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, tactile and interoceptive system. Listen and learn how to identify these concerns and what we can do to help.


Episode 3 - 

5 Answers to How Reflexes Are Impacting our Children

Reflex Integration is the "buzz" word nowadays...but how does it affect our children and families? What are they and why are they important for the children in our lives. How can we identify these reflexes and help the children in our lives.


Episode 4 - 

Summer Survival Skills - with Adina Soclof, MS, CCC-SLP

Join us as we discuss with Adina Soclof, author of "Parenting Simply", tips and tricks on how to survive summer schedules and helping children stay calm, organized and functional.


Episode 5- 

Our interview with Tsippi Gross, host of "The Stunning Success Podcast"

Quoted from Tsippi Gross:

"How did these two sisters with training in the world of finance completely pivot, build companies and charities around helping children and parents deal with anxiety and other issues? How did they create magic around their brand and become industry innovators? How did they become sought out around the globe in the world of occupational therapy? How do Amy and Evelyn do so much including work in their private practice, teach courses, consult, educate educators, and help so many while living a stress free life? How do they continue to come up with ideas and inspirations to do more? What is their secret?

In today’s episode, neurodevelopment therapists Amy and Evelyn, founders of Hands on OT, Hands on Approaches, and the Hope Foundation, get real about the strategy to their success; the things that keep them grounded and flourishing, connected to each other and all they are accomplishing in this world. The secrets to success are always surprisingly simple and refreshingly fresh, and this episode is a great teacher and reminder."