Podcast Episode 3 recording

Quiet the Noise - Episode 3


Reflex Integration is the "buzz" word nowadays...but how does it affect our children and families? What are they and why are they important for the children in our lives. How can we identify these reflexes and help the children in our lives.

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  1. Emma on December 9, 2019 at 6:15 pm

    Thanks for a great podcast on primitive reflexes! I’m really interested to learn more about the relationship between primitive reflexes and sensory behaviours. And specifically whether it is useful to look at whether children have retained reflexes before doing a sensory assessment/profile, as I am guessing that after some reflexes are integrated, their sensory behaviours could look very different. At least that’s my understanding from your podcast today (I hope I’ve got that right!). Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and expertise 😊

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