Podcast Episode 17 Recording

The podcast episode discusses the topic of self-regulation and its development throughout different stages of life. Amy and Evelyn explain that babies are not born with the ability to regulate themselves and that self-regulation is a skill that needs to be learned. They introduce the concept of the "fourth trimester," which refers to the period after birth when babies still require external help to regulate their physiological responses.
Amy and Evelyn emphasize the role of co-regulation in the development of self-regulation in babies, highlighting the importance of caregivers providing a regulated and calm environment. They also stress the significance of taking care of basic physiological functions, such as sleep and eating, as building blocks for self-regulation.
They mention that self-regulation is not a static process and can change throughout life, emphasizing the need for personalized techniques and self-awareness. They conclude by highlighting the importance of self-regulation in executive functioning, emotional regulation, and interpersonal connections, and invite listeners to join their self-regulation challenge.

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