Podcast Episode 16 Recording

Please note:  Sexual trauma content is discussed during this podcast episode.  Please be advised if listening with sound on before children.  
Evelyn's Question Starts: 42:25 - Ending: 49:51
Rape/Incest Story: Starts: 51:34 - Ends: 54:41
Important note about this podcast: At times during the interview, there were intense moments.  At about mark 42:25, Evelyn shares a question to reflect the pain of those who may be experiencing abuse currently.  We wanted to share this for anyone who may be sensitive to such a discussion at this time.   
Dr. Demartini expresses the approach at about mark 51:34, he suggests that victims of abuse should take. We differ in many ways with his approach. In fact, we differ so strongly that we considered removing that section from the podcast recording. (In short, Dr. Demartini is espousing a particular cognitive approach to dealing with the trauma of abuse. But trauma neurologically affects the amygdala - the more primitive, visceral aspect of our brains - and not the prefrontal cortex - the cognitive, intellectual aspect of our brains. Therefore, the primary approach to healing from the trauma of abuse needs to address the deeper, sub-conscious neurological impact.)
In the end, however, we decided to leave the section in, because we respect the right of others to express opinions different than our own. Additionally, we feel that there are a small number of situations where his approach may be valid. But if you have suffered abuse, be aware that this section may be both triggering and potentially unhelpful. 

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