Podcast Episode 15 Recording

In this engaging podcast discussion, Amy and Evelyn, neuro-developmental occupational therapists, delve into the critical aspects of learning readiness, regulation, and emotional development, underscoring their pivotal role in achieving academic and behavioral excellence. The conversation emphasizes the significance of addressing precursor skills, including neurochemical components, gross motor skills, balance skills, and sensory systems, as a proactive measure to prevent potential challenges in the future.

Amy and Evelyn shed light on the profound ⁠impact of early intervention⁠ while navigating the complexities of securing services for older children. Their insights extend to practical suggestions for specific issues, such as knee walking and fisted penmanship. The conversation extends to the importance of selecting developmentally appropriate toys and setting limits on screen time. The podcast concludes by encouraging parents to ⁠actively seek support and information,⁠ empowering them to make informed decisions about their child's developmental journey.

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