Parent Empowerment

You work so hard to give your child the help he needs to be happy and functioning. You invest time and effort into deciding on the right therapy and ensuring he receives it. At home, you give him your love and let him know you believe in him.

Sometimes it’s easy to express our love and belief in our children. Sometimes - when we’re exhausted and frustrated and nothing seems to be working - it’s not.

Your child’s path through life doesn’t have to be as challenging for him and for you as it is now. We believe that because we’ve seen countless children change their lives. We’ve seen their entire family dynamic change around them. And we want you to see it, too.

This section of our site is to empower you as a parent to believe in the incredible potential your child has to change and grow, and to give you the tools to make that belief a reality.

Our son was very irritable and stuck in his ways. There was zero negotiation or reasoning - it was get his way or have a massive tantrum, unable to calm down despite our being firm and not giving in to his meltdowns.

Whenever guests would come or we’d go visiting, our son would act out and make everyone uncomfortable regardless of how many discussions or preplays we’d have beforehand. Whatever strategies had worked for our other children (e.g. consequences, etc.) didn’t work for him.

When we came to Amy and Evelyn, we were given a very clear explanation of why our son was acting this way and understood that it wasn’t his choice or under his control. Having completed the process, we have seen so much progress:

Our son can now describe his emotions and have more meaningful conversations. He can express his feelings instead of getting frustrated. We can also reason with him and many times he’ll come up with solutions to problems instead of acting on impulse.

This program takes lots of commitment. You need to place top priority on this - getting exercises done no matter what, and letting other things fall to the side. But you’re working with an experienced, devoted team!

B.H., Mother of Chaim

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