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We're excited to be able to offer you searchable access to the recordings of our past and future live talks.


Every week, we get emails like this:

“Hi, is there a way to get recordings of your Clubhouse talks?”

“I remember that a few months ago you spoke about feeding issues, but I don’t remember the details. Do you have a recording?”

“I always listen, but I missed last week’s talk. Is there a recording?”

With over 90 recordings and counting, we wanted a way to answer “YES!” to all your requests.

We also figured that a long list of audio files would be unhelpful if you wanted to find where we spoke about a particular topic.

So we looked for a solution… and found one! 🙌

Searchable access to all of our past recordings. And every new Quiet the Noise talk we do will be added, too!

So you’ll be able to search for “anxiety” or “sensory” or “feeding” or “regulation” - and be directed to every single mention of those topics throughout our talks. (And if you’re not looking for a particular topic, you can also just pick a talk and listen all the way through.)

You can purchase access to The Hands on Approaches Vault on a monthly ($10/month) or yearly ($99/year) basis. 

And 50% of purchase revenue will be going to support our non-profit for parent empowerment, the H.O.P.E. Foundation.

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