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Motor Labs - Kim Wiggins - HOA 2

Motor Labs and Sensory Paths

Set up schoolwide movement initiatives and enable learning readiness for your entire school!

Caseload Managment 500 _ 220 - Kim W - HOA

Caseload Management

Maximize your push-in efficiency with strategies for effective collaboration, determining frequency and overcoming barriers.


Chromebooks in Special Education

Leverage Google Chromebooks as an assistive and compensatory technology for students with developmental delays.

Assessments Peg Dawson- HOA 500 _220

Assessing Executive Functioning Skills in Children and Adults

Utilize multiple methods to conduct executive skills assessments for educational decision-making and progress monitoring.

hoa everything handwriting

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Handwriting

Understand and assess the range of components that comprise efficient handwriting and written expression.


Meaningful Activities for Children with Complex Needs or on the Spectrum

Increase participation, access and communication for our students with multiple disabilities or complex needs.

hoa communication handbook

The Successful Communication Handbook

Gain the words and communication tools you need to teach kids responsibility, gratitude, compassion and respect.

Sensory Vs. Behavior HOA (1)

Sensory vs. Behavior

Learn how to tell if the source of a child’s difficulties is sensory or behavioral – and how to plan treatment accordingly.


The Resistant and Uncooperative Child

Practical strategies to manage challenging and uncooperative behavior in young children. (For clinicians and parents!)


Introduction to Sandplay

Apply the powerful modality of sandplay to improve emotional processing, visual-spatial organization, working memory and more.