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hoa just right

Just Right! Setting the Foundation for SEL

Give students or entire classrooms the skill of sensory modulation; create the best foundation for higher learning.


Zones of Regulation

Give children the skills and tools for healthy situational awareness, self-regulation and emotional control.

hoa attachment lens

Understanding Behavior Through the Sensory Processing and Attachment Lens

Leverage the complex relationship between behavior, sensory and attachment issues for better assessment and intervention.

HOA smart but scattered

Smart But Scattered

Address executive skill dysfunction through home and classroom routines, lessons and environmental modifications.

Hot Zones 500 _ 220 - Adina S - HOA

Hot Zones: Managing the Challenges of Daily Life

Master executive functioning strategies to help during the most challenging times of the day.

HOA smart but scattered webinar

Supporting Executive Skill Development When Schooling at Home

Understand how to structure schooling at home to support critical executive skill development.


iPad Apps in Pediatric Therapy

Discover all the best apps for organization, behavior, sensory, fine motor, visual perception and handwriting!

HOA vertigo

Benign Positional Vertigo in Children

Evaluate and treat the most common form of vertigo in children and adults. (A hands-on, lab-based course!)

Visual Skills 500 _ 220 - Kim W - HOA

Visual Skills and Impact on Learning

Assess and treat the visual issues that interfere with children’s classroom focus and performance. (Includes strategies for telehealth!)

HOA telehealth tips

Telehealth Tips© Seminar

Navigate the journey of technology and treatment: practical tools to transfer your skills to telehealth.