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HOA vertigo

Benign Positional Vertigo in Children and Adults

A lab-based approach to the evaluation and treatment of the most common form of Vertigo

HOA smart but scattered

Smart But Scattered

Understanding and supporting executive skill development through home and classroom routines, classroom content lessons and environmental modifications.

HOA collaboration motor sensory

School-Based Collaboration Strategies including Motor Labs and Sensory Path

Practical Labs and Tools for the school-based therapist. A course for those in the school system and private practice.

hoa podcast

Quiet the Noise with the Guttmann Sisters – Podcast

A podcast about child development, parenting tips, life, business and health. Educational and entertaining, Amy and Evelyn hope to empower, educate and inspire.

hoa fine motor boot camp

Fine Motor Boot Camp

Understanding the importance of play, language development and fine/spatial/visual motor development in early childhood.

hoa dyspraxia

Understanding and Treating Praxis and Dyspraxia

Effectively address different types of dyspraxia to support children’s learning abilities socially and academically as well as in sports and physical education.

dir floortime in the classroom

DIR/Floortime in the Classroom

Help preschoolers to high schoolers achieve lasting outcomes in social-emotional development with these DIR/Floortime principles and practical techniques specific to the classroom.

HOA anxiety sensory behavior

Anxiety, Sensory and Behavior

Understand the developmental factors that influence child anxiety and gain familiarity with assessment protocols, techniques and interventions for several different types of anxiety.

HOA exec functioning toolkit

Executive Functioning Practical Toolkit

Clarity of understanding and practical tools to assess, intervene and support our children who struggle with executive functioning.

HOA reflex 2 image

Connecting the Dots on Reflex Integration (Baltimore)

Gain clarity on the role of reflexes in a child’s physical, emotional and intellectual development, and a hands on understanding of how to effectively assess reflex issues.