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HOA smart but scattered webinar

Supporting Executive Skill Development When Schooling at Home Keap

Understand how to structure schooling at home to support critical executive skill development.

Hot Zones 500 _ 220 - Adina S - HOA

Hot Zones: Managing the Challenges of Daily Life Keap

Master executive functioning strategies to help during the most challenging times of the day.

HOA smart but scattered

Smart But Scattered Keap

Address executive skill dysfunction through home and classroom routines, lessons and environmental modifications.

hoa reflex integration

Connecting the Dots© on Reflex Integration, Part 1

Understand the role of reflexes in a child’s physical, emotional and intellectual development, and how to effectively assess reflex issues.

hoa self regulation challenge

18 Day Self-Regulation Challenge

Empower yourself to rebound from the physical and emotional stressors of life. An 18 day challenge, using targeted exercises and access to community to support participants.


Smart but Scattered Practical Summit

A comprehensive, practical approach to assessing and treating executive functioning deficits in the classroom, clinic and home.


ADHD and Sensory Processing

Maude will cover the current trends and thinking around ADHD and the different components of ADHD. This workshop will provide the theory and the research, but it also will be practical in terms of providing accommodations as well as intervention for these troubled students.



Help children be grounded and connected through internal body awareness. (Practical applications + the cutting-edge science behind them!)

hoa school based summit

School Based Summit

Treat school-age children with visual, attentional, and sensory integration difficulties: strategies for the classroom, clinic and home.

hoa just right

Just Right! Setting the Foundation for SEL

Give students or entire classrooms the skill of sensory modulation; create the best foundation for higher learning.