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HOA learning to move

Learning to Move, Moving to Learn

A fundamental understanding of how neuro-motor immaturity contributes to educational and behavioral issues – and how to practically screen for and treat it in the school-based setting.

floortime continuing education stanley greenspan

Play the Floortime Way

How to practically further social-emotional development and increase learning potential using Dr. Stanley Greenspan’s Floortime Method.

HOA sensory florida image

Making Sense of Sensory (Florida)

A comprehensive approach to sensory processing issues as the root of many academic, behavioral and emotional difficulties – and its practical application in designing therapy programs.

from sensory processing to executive functioning

From Sensory Processing to Executive Functioning

Clarity of understanding and practical tools to assess, intervene and support our children who struggle with executive functioning.

HOA collaboration tech image

School-Based Therapy Using Collaboration and Technology

Strategies and technology resources to push in to the classroom and collaborate with the student’s whole educational support system.

HOA reflex part 2 image

Connecting the Dots on Reflex Integration, Part 2

Become fully equipped to effectively treat children with unintegrated reflexes through focused, expert application of evidence-based protocols, tools and methods from multiple reflex integration programs.

HOA winner image

Social Thinking Strategies for Concrete Learners

Strategies for enabling perspective taking, social awareness and relationship building in the child who takes everything literally.

HOA zones image

Zones of Regulation

How to give children the skills and tools for healthy situational awareness, self-regulation and emotional control.

HOA Feb 2018 teleconference

February 2018 Teleconference

A discussion of the sources of and treatment methods for child anxiety, as well as sleeping and feeding red flags to look out for.

size matters handwriting program

Size Matters Handwriting Program

The evidence-based, fun, affordable and embeddable handwriting program with immediate and lasting results.

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