How do we choose which speakers and courses to offer at Hands on Approaches?


We ask who WE would learn from.

We’ve spent years traveling the country and world to hear trailblazers in pediatric therapy - the professionals who founded revolutionary, evidence-based approaches in sensory integration, emotional regulation, handwriting skills, and a multitude of other areas.

Now we want to bring them to you - those we’ve learned from, and those we still want to learn from. We’ll fly lecturers in to New York from Minnesota, California or England if they truly are top in their field.

We also ask who YOU would learn from.

If you have a particular approach that you desire to learn, please let us know. We’ll do our best to reach out to the founders or trailblazers in that area and bring them in for us all to gain from.

We’re looking forward to learning together!

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It is our dream to be available for every therapist, educator and parent. While we can't yet clone ourselves, our communities on social media help us spread our reach and enable you to learn and grow.

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